Kings Cross S5

Kings Cross S5 - Design Engine

The project consisted of 2 towers, 9 and 15 storeys tall containing dwellings in London’s Kings Cross district. The red brick façade boasted feature curtain wall screens on the top and ground floors that were curved. Design Engine were appointed to design the curtain walling framing, connections, and secondary steelwork.

On the ground floor, the screens were over 6m tall and up to 6m wide. The long spans required multiple deflection-control mechanisms to prevent frame contact with the brittle glass. Where necessary, transom members were stiffened, and glass packers were placed strategically to avoid dead-loading the transom over its midspan.

To minimise the risk of unexpected installation issues, we attended site multiple times to survey the openings prior to steelwork fabrication. Where necessary the design was modified to suit the site conditions. These visits turned out to be invaluable and ensured a highly efficient steelwork erection.

Finite element modelling was used to analyse the screens with 1D curved elements. Once over 50 screens were rationalised into phases, computational methods enabled all load combinations to be enveloped and outputted rapidly for subsequent member analysis and connection design. 2D plate finite element analysis was then used to design the connections.


Project Type: Residential, Facades, Modelling and BIM

Project Materials: Metal

Project Size: Large

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