Paul Wilson


Paul Wilson - Design Engine


As a founding partner of the existing Design Engine Structures, formerly CAB structures, Paul has enjoyed a 10+ year career working with, and consulting for, some of the premier names in the construction industry throughout the UK and Middle East. With an emphasis on cold formed steel & offsite and modular solutions, Paul has moved from the solely technical side of the business to include a more holistic business development and management capacity having spent a number of years working as a Structural Engineer for Kingspan Profiles & Sections and Metsec. Based in Scotland, Paul also specialises in Scottish Building Regulations for structural design.


Responsible primarily for business development for the Specialist Structures part of the business, project resourcing and client liaison but also has a technical work load commitment when required.


  • Structural & Loadbearing Cold Formed Steel Design
  • Project Construction Planning
  • Modular Construction
  • Business Growth and Development