About us


The aim of the founding directors was to establish a vibrant and exciting practice where innovation and technical excellence combine to deliver complete building solutions. We are a design and engineering consultancy with a single vision; we want to provide independent and complete engineered design solutions to the structures and facades industry.

We believe in delivering exceptional service, high quality and innovative solutions through our core principles of simplicity, affordability, quality and delivery.

Our team enjoy collaboration with like minded people and since our inception have grown into a strong reliable and professional team. We have built our practice on hard work and reputation. As well as mainstream construction materials we have also developed specialisms in a wide variety of building materials and systems. This has expanded our knowledge and allowed us to approach design in a considered and practical way.

There is a simple prerequisite for all staff working for Design Engine; enjoy your work and never stop developing your passion for the built environment. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where technical excellence is not just a company goal but a personal journey for all those that work for us. We understand that our clients need to feel that the person they are dealing with is proficient, proactive and wholly committed to resolving their problems to their interests.

Our Philosophy


simple solutions work better
simple solutions are easier to understand & build


expensive designs never get built
every solution must be sustainable


make sure your client has everything they need
deliver your work in full and on time


always improve on your last piece of work
take pride in what you do and what we build

Our Vision

Many companies make statements about their vision for not only their future but the future of their industry. Our vision is simple and easy to understand at all levels of the construction industry; to provide our clients with a service that has the technical excellence and professionalism to deliver their requirements. How do we intend to achieve this? By doing what we are already doing; enjoying what we do and believing that we can make it better.

Our Ethics

We take our responsibilities as designer, supplier and employer very seriously. For our colleagues, we strive to provide a working environment that both stimulates and rewards them. For our clients, a service that they can have absolute confidence in. We take decisions based on technical, environmental, commercial and safety grounds to ensure that we provide the best solution to any particular problem.