Rain screen, Timber, Alucabond

The demand for ever increasingly bespoke façade solutions places a greater technical burden on designers as architectural palettes diversify. With the breadth of knowledge and understanding of building performance and construction, our specialist team of façade designers provide the critical link between the architectural vision and the practical constraints of construction and manufacturing.

From simple cladding board materials to special treatments such as expanded mesh, we deliver total through wall solutions specifically tailored to our client’s requirements. We understand that the delivery of such systems requires more than technical precision but also a focus on the commercial and programme constraints that are increasingly the major factor in the success or failure of completing projects. We establish a mutually collaborative approach to each project with our client, identifying each critical path and actively supporting them in all co-ordinations upwards and downwards of the supply chain.

We work with all suitable cladding materials and systems to develop the architect's specification into a fully detailed design.